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What is SentCash ?

SentCash is a platform that empowers & enhances the payment systems

We believe if we can change the money, we can change the world.The way email changed the way we exchange messages by making it fast and cheap, SentCash will change the way we use digital money.

SentCash is a new blockchain based decentralized crypto currency designed for the internet era for secure and instant transfer of value, that can be used to make payments for goods and services with participating retailers or to send to friends or family. The currency will be fast and cheap compare to Bitcoin and other crypto currency for users to transfer.

On top of this,STCC is a project that promises to advance SentCash smart contracts to make them accessible in a wide variety of applications. The STCC mission is to promote and support research, development, and education to bring decentralized financial tools to the world that empower investors to earn huge returns in the long run by investing in STCC .

We Accept Ethereum

Ethereum STCC Contract Address = 0xCc08e15F677243e4a72333CBc385e53fBFC430EF

Current STCC Sale Rate

1 STCC = 1 $


Pre-ICO Sale Successfully Completed
Total Supply
6,000,000 STC
Total Coin Sale
4940176 STC
Pre-ICO Contract Address

SentCash Features

Safe & Secure

Fixed and unbreakable Terms and Conditions for the lifetime of your Blockchain investment [ ... ]


Blockchain-based ownership of SentCash guarantees complete privacy [ ... ]


Our Tokenized production creates a decentralized automated investment tool without intermediaries, time loss or fees [ ... ]


Anyone around the globe can become a SentCash holder with the possibility to make small and large investments. [ ... ]

Instant Exchange

Transaction confirmation occurs within second. [ ... ]

Experts Support

We're here for you when you need us with 24/7 Support via both live chat and help desk.. [ ... ]

How Does SentCash Works?

SentCash is an smart Mining Contract. Our main focus is miner can mine STCC with Digital Mining Software.

How to mine STCC?

Create STCC wallet on and buy some STCC from Exchange or Our website. Download a Digital Mining Software for STCC Mining. Rewards of STCC mining will be add your STCC wallet on the basis of your mining work.

How to Circulate STCC Supply?

STCC Supply is basically depends on Digital Mining Software (DMS). 100000000 STCC Pre-mind as initially supply for ICO Sale and remaining 29000000000 STCC circulate in market by Digital Mining Software.

How to mine STCC?

The Mining is done by calling the function Mine() of the Smart Contract or by using digital mining software (DMS). Users only require to have few ETH in their wallets to pay the Ethereum network fees.To avoid mining monopoly and better distribution, each call to the Mine() function delivers 1 STCC to the sender, only a total of 50 calls are allowed per 10 minutes.

How to mine SentCash?

SentCash Mining works by calling the Smart Contract function Mine(). Don't panic, it's not that difficult! Follow the steps below and you are good to go!

The principle is easy:

  • - The higher the ETH transaction fee, the faster your transaction will be processed. (example: 21 GWEI)
  • - The lower the ETH transaction fee, the slower your transaction will be processed. (example: 1 GWEI)

Remember: Only 50 coins can be mined every 10 minutes, each valid call receives 1 STCC in return.

NOTE: Theoretically it is possible for ETH Miners to prioritize their own transactions, however, their life won't be easy:

  • - First they need to actually mine a block (they have to win to all other miners).
  • - Second they need to replace normal ETH transactions by their own mining transactions - Means less ETH fees profit for them.
  • - And third, ETH miners can only take this advantage if STCC is actually worth their ETH fees losses.

In other words: if STCC gets to the stage that miners start taking advantage of its Mining process, it is a sign that STCC is worth something!


Mine with Digital Mining Software(DMS)?

STCC Digital mining software coming soon....

  • - Download the Digital Mining Software when is available.
  • - Register your Ethereum wallet with Digital Mining software and enter your SentCash exchange mining activation key.
  • - Your account must have sufficient ETH in your Ethereum wallet to pay the Ethereum network fees.
  • - Now you are ready to mining STCC with Digital Mining Software.

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